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Henan jinshui estate outstanding supplier award in 2017

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  On January 13, 2017, henan jinshui cable group co., LTD in henan province real estate industry outstanding supply enterprise prize-giving grand ceremony of 2017 won the "five-star member unit" and "best partner" two awards.

  The event hosted by the real estate industry in henan province chamber of commerce, real estate industry in henan province chamber of commerce league committee to undertake, from domestic and foreign outstanding real estate upstream and downstream enterprises and each big enterprise, for mining, a total of more than 300 people together, head of communication industry information to each other, common witness nearly 200 annual industry awards outstanding real estate brand suppliers. The evaluate after 3 months vote online, offline, head of the room by more than 20 companies recruit mining panel of experts, more than 500 from supply enterprises in the best of best, layer upon layer screening, eventually selected a total of 7 categories, 15 awards. Henan jinshui cable group co., LTD., relying on excellent product quality, in the same industry leading market share and good reputation won the users "five-star member unit" and "best partner" two awards. The campaign aims to select the leading technology, good reputation in domestic and foreign real estate related industry chain of excellent brand, recommend to the province's real estate development enterprises, expand the supply of real estate industry base, and at the same time for the 2017 real estate enterprises to prepare concentrated joint procurement work. Henan jinshui cable group co., LTD. Has always been adhering to the "insist on quality first, service for the user" corporate purposes, over the years insist on "quality in my heart, quality in my hands" service commitment, no pains no pains, no gains, the company won the honor. In 2017 we the goldwater people will, as always, for every customer to provide better products and services. Only remember, dreams requires hard work. Let us hand in hand side by side, make persistent efforts to "build China enterprise in one hundred, produce the world first-class brand" of the enterprise target together.

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