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Flexible mineral insulated cables

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  Scientific name RTTZ cable flexible mineral insulated cable, also known as the copper sheath corrugated mineral insulated cable. The cable is in mineral insulated cable has disadvantages modified on the basis of a new type of fireproof cables, it can overcome the disadvantages of mineral insulated cable length limited production, to avoid installation problems occurred in the laying of the middle of the joint, with insulation, not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, and the advantages of easy installation and installation, with the constant promotion of the product, its excellent performance is more and more recognized by the broad masses of customers, has been widely used in industrial and civil construction.

  One, flexible fire cable has the following features:

  1, fire prevention performance is superior, the fire resistance rating not only meet the national standard GB12666.6 class A 950 ℃, 90 min, also can meet the UK BS6387-1994 - A level of 650 ℃ for 3 h; B 750 ℃ for 3 h; C level 950 ℃ 3 h requirements; At the same time, also tolerated in the combustion of water jet and mechanical impact.

  2, long continuous length, whether single core, or a multi-core cable, its length can meet the requirements of power supply length, the length of each successive can reach above 1000 m.

  3, large section, single core cable up to 630 was, multicore cable up to 240 was.

  4, with a flexible, cable can be set on the cable, the bending radius of 20 D, or less for the cable diameter (D).

  5, when burning smoke-free non-toxic, insulation with inorganic materials (not burning body), does not produce any harmful gases during burning, more will not occur secondary pollution, is a green environmental protection product.

  6, large overload capacity, the cable is not only large carrying capacity, and has large overload capacity. In accordance with the requirements of wiring, cable surface temperature of 70 ℃ or less normally, if the wiring shall touch, also not contact with combustible construction materials, cable sheath temperature to 105 ℃ can be improved. When overload flexible fire cable long-term working temperature is 250 ℃.

  7, corrosion resistance, good shielding performance, copper sheathed good corrosion resistance, in particular or for copper corrosion environment, should be in copper sheathed with a layer of low smoke zero halogen or plastic outer sheath. Under the shield of the copper sheath, no electromagnetic interference, not the signal interference, control wire and cable transmission of information.

  9, safety performance is good, can RTTZ cable of the flame to the normal power supply, starting the fire fighting equipment, reduce fire loss, also special for the personal safety and reliable, its copper sheath is a good conductor, is the best ground, greatly improve the earthing protection sensitivity and reliability.

  10, long service life, high temperature resistant inorganic insulation material, and not easy to aging, his life many times higher than the organic insulated cable, under normal working state, the life can reach more than one hundred.

  11, flexible fire cable transportation and installation, including installation accessories similar to ordinary cable, is relatively simple.

  12, economical, flexible fire cable due to advanced production technology, simple installation, under the same conditions the comprehensive cost is lower than the cost of mineral insulated cable.

  Second, the flexible fire cable structure

  1, cable conductor: there were more than copper wire twisted and become, with good bending properties.

  2, insulation: using high temperature resistant, not burning inorganic insulation material.

  3, copper sheath: copper materials, through special processing with good bending properties, and used as PE line.

  4, outer sheath: using low smoke non-toxic plastic material, has excellent anti-corrosion properties.

  The application range of the three, flexible fireproof cables

  1, all kinds of building fire equipment in the power supply, fire elevator power supply, etc.;

  2, important building or a cluster of buildings in the equipment and lighting power supply system;

  3, high environmental temperature, such as steel mills, smelting, glass, etc.;

  4, flammable and explosive occasions, cases of petrochemical industry, coal mining equipment such as power supply;

  5, need special cleaning and hygiene sites, such as: power supply equipment, such as hospitals, food factory, etc;

  6, important military industry, national defense, aviation, satellite base equipment of power supply;

  Seven important equipment of power supply, power plant, nuclear power plant.

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