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Wire and cable industry news editorial

Wire and cable industry news editorial

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  • Time of issue:2019-10-30 09:24
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(Summary description)  1, our country to develop the smart grid cable industry usher in explosive growth   Recently, the national development and reform commission, the state power bureau issued mindset promote smart gri

Wire and cable industry news editorial

(Summary description)  1, our country to develop the smart grid cable industry usher in explosive growth

  Recently, the national development and reform commission, the state power bureau issued mindset promote smart gri

  • Categories:Common Problem
  • Author:
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  • Time of issue:2019-10-30 09:24
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  1, our country to develop the smart grid cable industry usher in explosive growth

  Recently, the national development and reform commission, the state power bureau issued mindset promote smart grid, puts forward to the beginning of 2020 to build secure, open, compatible, the bidirectional interaction, efficient, economic, clean environmental protection system of the smart grid. Follow the development of smart grid construction in China, the electric power profession innovation will bring about a intelligence, smart grid cable industry's spring is coming!

  Electric wire electric cable profession in China as early as 2011 annual production planning has super trillions, reached 1.1 trillion yuan, into mechanical electrical engineering profession in the second to the automotive manufacturing industry, the products meet the rate and the domestic market share is beyond 90%. Stand at the height of the global perspective, China's wire and cable output has surpassed the United States, also become the first big wire and cable producer in the world. In the planning and volume is so huge electric wire electric cable profession, who can possession leading? Who can be the top? This will become professional inside and outside are attached great importance to the topic.

  "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, our country will be large and improve the smart grid and new connected grid project will be built and fujian and Taiwan. Follow cable use continues to increase, coupled with the smart grid to power supply reliable request progress, cable trouble sometimes, urgent need for discussion of new, more intelligent cable check skills. For condition diagnosis and evaluation, cable is reasonable arrangement of cable replacement, ensure the safety of power supply to firm is an important means of skills, is also useful for cable management in the smart grid some extremely important.

  In terms of smart grid use, will continue to expand its use category. Intelligent power system each link will be basically completed, skills and economic indexes and equipped with all the quality reach the international level.

  Can be said that the smart grid construction will cause all the power equipment innovation: transformer to become more intelligent, switchgear to reaction conditions at any time, relay protection equipment to be with a blend, cable will become smart. Smart grid to route requests have since confirmed, since the restoration of function, demand cable company constantly set, produce "smart cable". For general cable commodity demand through different drive, develop some cable products since the diagnosis.

  The intention of the construction of strong smart grid in China, is to ensure a secure network, let it be more convenient to use and more centering. It's request power grid on equipment are increasingly strong. Cut way of cable fault attack, is to use qualified cable laying according to set the security cable channels and procedures, check regularly, condition evaluation. Now in ultra-high voltage cable laying some fiber optic cable, after discharge, fiber optic cable can check it to see its temperature, surely this is equivalent to a perception of the role, the cable is intelligence. Big cities double loop network power supply, space increasingly narrow corridor, downtown underground cable rate of progress, the great demand for cable. And cable protection request and the service life of high voltage value, and the distribution of cable insulation, performance index and brand promise put forward higher request.

  At present, the domestic some of the big wire and cable companies is now beginning the intelligent cable category of the Denver nuggets. Now, the grid, power distribution network, the user side, the application of the distributed power, solar energy, distributed wind power cable is widely used in each of these categories, at the same time, in the smart grid environment, the third industrial revolution, the information of renewable power and distributed application skills blend complete integration, as the link cable demand about intelligent, intelligent cable arises at the historic moment. Under the smart grid construction stocks move, change the cable industry's appearance is attack. "Transformed" cable industry, is bound to be greeted with more calm posture power intelligent era. With the widespread application of the skills and continuous improvement, system of capital will also fell sharply, and is expected to become a 21st century global is an important industry.

  2, a high pressure low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable successfully trial-produced

  Recently, A domestic cable companies 220 kv high-voltage cable super section 2500 was successfully trial-produced low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable, and the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center for halogen free, low smoke, A kind of flame retardant performance testing, etc.

  Low smoke zero halogen cable is the most typical representative of "clean" cable. Low smoke zero halogen material USES two or more commonly used halogen-free flame retardants, in order to achieve better results, but because of flame retardants are mostly inorganic substances, but also need to add the amount is larger, the serious influence the material plasticity and extruding performance, lead to the poor quality of small amount of adhesive, surface, uneven thickness, prone to cracking and other defects, it is mainly used for low voltage, small cross section of the production of small diameter of cable. For high voltage cable, due to the thickness of sheath thickness, cross section is big, big diameter, with the large diameter of the extruding machine, production process extrusion pressure is very big, difficult, and easy to heat because of the extrusion of the friction and shear caused the early decomposition of flame retardant, caused the failure of materials. So low smoke zero halogen in the application of high voltage cable is difficult to achieve.

  The cable companies through long-term research and test, for low smoke zero halogen in high voltage cable production technology to improve, to solve the cable out of the difficulties, poor surface quality, uneven thickness, cracking and other defects often occurred, thus successfully developed 220 kv high-voltage cable super section 2500 was environmentally friendly low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable.

  Three, three financing problems grip cable enterprise development

  As a heavy light, industry of high capital requirements, cable enterprise's development is conditioned by money problems for a long time. Once the capital chain, a cable companies will soon be on the verge of collapse, because they had no money to buy raw materials, can only be out of stock, and downstream of the electric power enterprise order cannot deliver, will face serious consequences. The personage inside course of study thinks, the current main cable enterprise face too narrow financing channel and insufficient, idea obsolete these three financing problems.

  It is too narrow financing channels. At present, the cable companies are facing energy rise, the material rising, wages rise, logistics, low profits, the receivable problem such as slow rise, the body is in a capital intensive industry, cable companies there is a great demand for funds. But in our country many enterprise financing basic cable only rely on government support and bank financing, the money can't satisfy the business enterprise development. And more than 97% of the cable industry in our country for small and medium enterprises, these enterprises in order to get the government's financial support or bank loans have larger difficulty.

  Second, financing is not strong enough. Many cable companies are too dependent on external financing, failed to fully exert their own financing ability. Many companies are not used to make investment promotion and capital introduction, are not good at making full use of its own advanced technology, high-quality products, excellent management, and other advantages. Core advantages cannot be reflected in the bank for its development potential is lack of confidence, in addition, the current bank financing threshold is higher, so the financing poor natural effect.

  Three is old finance concept. For now, most of the cable companies still use the form such as working capital loans, bills, this is the old concept of, under the guidance of enterprises core management accomplishment limited, vision is limited, the cognition of financing concept is fundamental to stay in the past.

  Face of cable enterprise further development of these three financing problems, the personage inside course of study says, cable enterprises should build more financing channels, the reasonable use of their own advantages to strengthen the financing efforts, and maintaining the financing concept of advancing with The Times, to make the financing problem is resolved or ease.

  Four, copper cable's impact on the environment is far less than aluminum alloy cable

  Recently, the China standardization research institute hosted in Beijing the whole life cycle of copper aluminum cable environmental assessment report will share, for aluminum alloy and copper cable to the environment in the process of whole life cycle of main influence has made the evaluation. The study found that of the environmental impact of products using phase proportion is highest, 98%. Research shows that copper cable in the use of stage of environmental impact is far less than aluminum alloy cable's impact on the environment.

  Cat, director of the China academy of standardized emissions laboratory is introduced, the research from raw materials acquisition, product manufacture, product use, transportation, and waste disposal of the five stages as two kinds of cable system boundary, evaluated the aluminum alloy and copper cable to global warming, acidification, eutrophication potential, human toxicity, the influence of the energy consumption. From the perspective of sustainable development, copper can be 100% recycled. Therefore, copper cable's impact on the environment is far less than aluminum alloy cable. Moreover, compared with the native copper, secondary copper relative reduce the impact on the environment.

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