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1. The wire and cable products of our company make the commitment of “three guarantees for ten years”.

2. Provide users with technical advice for free to help users choose good cable, and answer user's various technical issues.

3. Our company can send engineering and technical personnel with strong ability and rich work experience to the site for acceptance handover and guidance on installation and so on according to the requirements of users.

4. The cable products provided by our company are new and unused, using the advanced technology and the best materials and first-class process, as well as complying with the tender documents in all aspects including quality, specifications and performance.We guarantee that the products are safe and reliable during its life expectancy under proper construction.

5. Our plant will provide services for free if you need to inspect in our plant during the product manufacturing process.

6. Our company makes commitment to answer the user's correspondence within 12 hours if there is any problem in product quality.If there is any quality problem during the construction process, or significant quality problem during the warranty period, we will rushto the scene to carry out on-site service within 24 hours after receipt of the buyer notice; that is, to provide the appropriate servicesfor the buyer at first when there is any problem on the scene, and then distinguishing responsibility and deal with.

7. In the warranty period stipulated in the contract, if there is any damage, defect or failure of the product due to our failure in design, manufacture and materials, we shall repair or replace the defective product for free after receiving the written notice from the buyer, so as to meet the requirements of the tender documents.

8. During the contract period, if there is any fault in the technical information or drawings provided by our company, or any product obsolescence or engineering rework affecting the progress in the product installation, commissioning and operation due to the negligence or error of our engineering and technical personnel, we shall immediately replace or repair for free. As for the replacement, we shall bear all the costs incurred.

9. If the project period is extended caused by defective products requiring replacement or repair due to our responsibility, the warranty period will be extended corresponding to the actual time day by repair or replacement.

10. If there is any problem occurred after the warranty period, we guarantee to repair or replace timely, any only charge the cost.

11. We guarantee to provide the buyer with timely and high quality technical services and spare parts supply at favorable price in out-of warranty period.


Jinshui Cable Group, founded in 1983 and formerly known as Zhengzhou 2nd Cable Plant, is  larger cables and wire and electrical products R&D and production base, sales and export base, and CNC logistics distribution base in central China, as well as Top-10 of China in comprehensive cables and wire strength.


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