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Oct 29,2019

  Renamed as Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd., with the first registered capital of RMB 220 million.

  The company developed and exported the pre-deformed conductor products to one of the World Top 4 - Saudi Arabian Riyadh Cable Co., Ltd., realizing a single amount of EURO 4.9 million. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries including the UK, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

  Established Zhengzhou 2nd Cable Electric Co., Ltd. to be a processing base for foreign trade products that achieved the annual production capacity to 2 billion.

Jinshui Cable Group, founded in 1983 and formerly known as Zhengzhou 2nd Cable Plant, is  larger cables and wire and electrical products R&D and production base, sales and export base, and CNC logistics distribution base in central China, as well as Top-10 of China in comprehensive cables and wire strength.


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